Personal essays, art, poetry, photography, stories of real-life projects with a message - we want it all. If it's able to be shared via the virtual pages of a magazine, we're interested. If it's not listed above, we want to see it anyway.

Your submission will be considered regardless of whether you've been published in the same book as the Dalai Lama or we're the first people you've ever submitted to. We are particularly interested in hearing from people not only from diverse backgrounds, but from people whose trajectories, passions, thought processes and ways of living life - and subsequently thriving - are unique, unexpected, and/or underrepresented.

There is no fee for submitting, and accepted submissions will always receive a stipend. As we continue to grow, we feel it's only right that the stipend does as well. Multiple submissions per issue are allowed (max three, please).

Please note that we may need to tighten or shorten what you’ve sent us; we may ask you to rewrite or add to it. Editing is standard practice in the publishing world: very little writing anywhere reaches publication without some editing. If necessary, we will always confirm the final draft with you before publication.

Ready to submit? Scroll through the terms of submission below, and let's get it rolling.

By submitting to Fireproof Cypress Magazine, you agree to the following terms, which grant the Magazine unlimited use of your piece in print, on the web, or elsewhere, and which also affirms that  you are completely free to resell or re-license your work anywhere else without our permission.

Creator understands the material provided is to be used in Fireproof Cypress Magazine in a compilation that Fireproof Cypress Magazine will own and copyright in its name. Creator grants Fireproof Cypress Magazine usage rights to the material for use in Fireproof Cypress Magazine, Fireproof Cypress Magazine website, and any subsequent repurposing of the material (new editions, “Best of” editions, etc.). The creator shall be free, without any approval from Fireproof Cypress Magazine, to use or license their material in any other way the creator wishes. In the case of articles and stories, the publisher may copyedit pieces for general readability and space considerations. Poetry may be edited with agreement by the poet.


We reserve first publication rights: if this is the first time your piece has been published, we ask that we are referred to as the original publisher in any future publications.

All creators receive $1 (subject to increase) per accepted submission or submission set, plus a free copy of the Magazine.

The creator warrants that their material is original and that the creator owns the publishing and all other rights to the material and that said rights are not subject to any prior agreement or other right that may interfere with or impair the rights of Fireproof Cypress Magazine under this agreement.

Submissions may be sent to Jé Cozē at Please include your name, work, a short bio, and any primary social links.

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