what we believe in


We would love to see our pages in bold, glossy print, but until we find a way to manifest copies that are environment-neutral, we'll stick to digital. No shade - we're huge fans of flipping through magazines ourselves here, and we realize our actions are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to the change needed on a global scale. We're just trying to do whatever small part we can.

Paying Creators

We believe that money should always flow towards creators. As such, there will never be a fee to submit, and creators whose submissions we accept will ALWAYS receive stipends. Payments will be low as we work to lift this magazine off the ground, as all funds will be coming out of Jé's own pocket - but the principle of the matter still stands.

Copyright Protection

Your work is your work, and you will always retain all copyright to it. We only reserve usage rights, as outlined on our submissions page.