about us

We are an exclusively digital magazine focused on the uplifting and empowering. We are literary and artistic. We are literal and allegory. We seek to amplify both new voices and well-established ones. Personal essays, art, poetry, photography, stories of real-life projects with a message - we want it all. If it's not on the list, we want to see it anyway.

Why focus on the good? Why not tackle the negative in the world? We believe doing the latter is always easier when you have a firm grasp on the former. We believe they go hand in hand, and that you need those sparks of joy to carry through on your threats of changing the world for the better.

We believe that people have intrinsic worth, that people deserve unconditional good in their life, and that people as a whole will always have far more in common than they care to admit. We realize this may all seem idealistic - but truthfully, that's just who we are. This is a magazine run by poets, after all.

As per our first Letter From The Editor:

"People are angry at the world right now, and rightfully so. Ecosystems are crumbling. Brutality is becoming normalized in places least expected. People are dying and inequality of every type seeps more and more of its poison into the light of day. Fury and grief and a knowledge of current events play essential roles in standing up, speaking out, and affecting lasting change. Sitting idly by or burying oneself in distractions is easy.

That's not what this magazine is for. To cope with all of this daily bombardement - not only to thrive, but to survive - we need sparks of joy. We need to care for ourselves. We need moments of positivity and celebration, and most importantly, we need the fundamental belief that we are capable of building ourselves a better world.

These are not the opposite of acknowledging the state of the world we find ourselves in. They are a necessary counterpart, and are often what keep us sane on this deeply imperfect earth. Burnout is real. Depression, anxiety, and emotional exhaustion are often endemic. We cannot surround ourselves in nothing but deep, amplified pain and expect ourselves to flourish. We must take care of ourselves in addition to honoring our mantle as stewards of the world.

That's the goal of this magazine. I want to provide a bolster for those that are attempting to change the world for the better. I want to amplify narratives that inspire and upbuild. I want to provide footholds for hope, joy, and motivation - which are so often difficult to find, especially with the constant, drowning influx of dramatics and fear we can easily find ourselves sinking into on the internet."


If you find yourself needing breathing room, rekindled joy, or a sense of recovered vitality - please consider delving into our pages and leafing through.